Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking around has made me even more frustrated than ever. I can see enormous potential for it to be a very useful tool in many ways ie at the library, in the office. It would be a great help for someone doing a large amount of legal research and having to put all the cases on one topic in one bookmark with appropriate tags to the cases. It would keep everything very clear, conscise and available at the touch of a key. All this would be great if I could only see how to create a "tag". Am I completely thick? Have others had the same problems as I have? These tools are great so long as you are able to get into them! I will just have to ask someone when the time is right but it is not at all clear from the site just how to create a tag. I had better not go on about it, had I.

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  1. I love because if I'm on the internet and find a site I know will be useful, I can add it to my bookmark list and access it anywhere - home, work, overseas.

    When you save a new bookmark (website address) to your account is when the tags go on. You type them in yourself or use the recommended ones. It's a bit like adding subject headings to a catalogue record where you choose the most appropriate ones to add to the record. Hope that makes it a bit clearer.

    My most used tags are - quilting, quilts, patterns, fabric, New Zealand, libraries, books, fabrics. (see a theme?!)