Sunday, August 9, 2009

Exercise #5 Flickr fun

I loved this image as it is exactly the colour of my favourite hydraenga in my garden. Reminds me it is time for pruning!
I have just been back into Flickr and found many places I have visited over the last few years. So easy to flick onto a cathedral in Melbourne or a site in Bangkok. Who needs a camera when the shots are so beautiful. I loved looking at the map of the world and choosing a place to go. Keeps the itchy feet at bay!! I could spend all day browsing.

I have tried again to answer the question!!!
I went into Bubblr which I think could be great fun when composing greeting cards or posters etc with the speech bubbles. A sense of humour would be required to make the most of this site.
Spell with Flickr was a little tedious. Dont think I would use this very often. Both sites were a little difficult to read. Must remembr to use these sites when organising functions.

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